New Site For 2018

After months of faffing and partially building a PHP blogging system the main Dugbus site has finally been reborn with Gatsby.

I always get the heebie-jeebies working with Node. Having forty thousand odd files just turn up in a directory is not natural but on this occassion it was at least relatively pain free. Granted the image optimisation plugin was knackered and refuses to rebuild, so out it goes. And gulp-util keeps telling me it has deprecated itself. But beyond that...

This initial version is basically the casper advanced starter, which is modelled on a popular theme for I was a (financial) contributor to the original Ghost project so it comes nicely full circle and is close enough to the design I will eventually implement to be a series of tweaks rather than a complete do-over.

Don't know React at all (the technology underlying Gatsby), so it's going to be a bit of an adventure.

I've had a good poke around under the bonnet and have made enough sense of it not to be too worried about breaking everything when I start making changes. (I have wrecked it a few times already but the error reporting is a lot better than expected and unsurprisingly two of the problems were cache related.)

The first thing will be to add Disqus and check the SEO for each of the posts matches my research.

After that we better get some posts posted!