There's a giant world of art and design out there. Hopefully you will find some parts of this tiny sliver useful by inspiring you or showing you exactly what not to do.

Learning To Blow

Taught by Ingrid Philips, the course covers basic techniques like shaping, rolling, and of course blowing glass and is very practical and hands on. You will make several items to keep. On my course we finished up with approximations of a glass bubble ornament, a whiskey glass, a snack bowl ... read more

Licensing Kirby

As you probably already know, Kirby is a commercial product. You can try it as long as you want on your local machine and the source code is available on GitHub. But as soon as your want to use Kirby in production, you need to purchase a license. To keep ... read more

Extending Kirby

Kirby comes as a clean package, aiming to provide you with a useful toolkit to get started with. But it it is also very modular and extensible. Rather than providing a solution to every imaginable problem out of the box, Kirby prefers to let you decide which features your project ... read more