Frontend Web Development

Digital media creative and UI/UX designer with experience across a broad range of disciplines including video games, mobile applications and educational software.

Initially a designer and illustrator I moved into digital media as a 2D artist at a video game company where, over several years, I expanded my skillset to include 3D modelling and animation. Eventually taking on a supervisory role that included working on game design and mechanics.

I then moved to a technology incubator where I provided input on interface design, created presentations and produced any digital assets required by the project teams. It was here that I began working on web and mobile applications as well as building and maintaining the company's website.

I continued to develop in these areas at my most recent company where I was originally employed as a graphic web developer designing and building CMS sites for small businesses. I helped create and roll out their quality assurance process and managed it for some time, while providing best practice coaching to graduate developers. My time there ended as propositions lead, helping define the technical aspects of the company's products and assisting in the build and testing of their proprietary platform.